Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Review: Eyelash Diva Black Beauty Collection

Hi everyone!

Another post for the day. Sorry, I'm trying to catch up since I've been busy doing a video make-up tutorial. Yeah, you read it right... I'm trying to do a video! Goodluck Ehmjay. ;)

So here will be the first set of the haul that I posted prior to this post. I'll be reviewing the Eyelash Diva Black Beauty Collection in "Billie" and "Beyonce".

And here are the pictures!

 Black Beauty lashes in "Beyonce"

 Look. So fancy lashes. :)

Now, this is the part that's very interesting. See those glitters?? Yesss girls, these lashes have glitters for the extra UMP! I know now why it was named after "Beyonce", because she's a diva and these lashes will definitely fit her sexy eyes. Agree? ;)

I love the lashes because the glitters doesn't fall out. It's light weight and easy to apply. 
Beyonce eyelashes- Php999 per box

       Next, will be the "Billie" eyelashes.        

Billie is simple and natural. These lashes are more appropriate for wedding or any occasions.
This is the closer look of Billie lashes. See? Lashes were weaved with love. That's Eyelash Diva! :)
I love how it feels so light-weighted and it's soft. Not hard to attach too. 

TIP: Make-up artists should consider as well the lashes that they're using, specifically in weddings. Brides normally request for a simple and fresh yet glamorous look for their special day. Don't overdo their eye make-ups by using an obviously fake lashes. So choose the right lashes and make sure that they're comfortable with it.

Billie eyelashes- Php 999 per box

I'll be updating this post to show you some sample pictures of these lashes.

So, what do you think?
What false eyelashes are you using?


  1. The Beyonce lashes are truly sexy! :D
    I've never worn an entire lash strip before. I always cut in it half. I would love to try these lashes someday. They're quite expensive but I'm sure they'll look great.


  2. I'm eyeing on the billie lashes for like important events and such or just for days I want am oomph factor to my look. Can't wait to see your tutorial soon!

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  3. Ako rin po want ko yung Billie lashes! It looks nice and simple. I only got the chance to wear falsies once, and super haba ng nasuot ko, nagmuka akong gay. hehe Anyway, thanks for commenting on my blog Ms.Ehm! -
    Pretty Thrifty

  4. @Maggie, they do have by pairs lang. as far as I know, they're 150 per pair. :)

    @iya and jenny, yeah, billie looks very natural once you put it on. :)

  5. nice!

    just followed your blog, hope u could follow mine, xx~


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