Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fashion Circus || An Openshoot for Photographers

Hey everyone!

I've been busy these past few days because of my make-up class at HD Academy. Thursday will be our graduation day! Yihee.. :) I'll update my blog once we're done because this week will be busier!

Let me update first my folio.. Yesterday (October 21,2012), D&C had an Openshoot for Photographers and I'm one of the make-up artists! :)

Model: Heather de Leon as Mermaid
Photographers: (up) John Leslee Forcado; (below) Don Davies

Model: Krish Enriquez as the Colorful Clown
Photographers: (up) Edward Padama; (below) Blue Valdez

HMUA: Ehmjay Bornales


  1. I have been dreaming of literally becoming a model even just for a

    I know Krish Enriquez, she's one of my model "batchmate" from waaaay back 2007, small



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  2. Hmm..hae Non, salam kenal dari aku. kunjugan pertama aku nih diblog ini..follow sukses..follow blogku juga ea Non..thank's ..Salam Persahabatan..


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