Thursday, September 16, 2010

Roaring Leopard

My Roaring Leopard Design!

Polishes I used


Tutti Fruity Nail art

My Tutti Fruity Nail Art!

My Nail Art Stuffs

I want to share "some" of my polishes. I only have few, since I don't have enough time to buy and buy lots of polishes.

Note: I am not affiliated to any of these brands nor being paid in publishing these products. These are my personal choices.

My haul.

San san

Elianto in aqua and yellow

The Face Shop (Base Coat, blue, WH004, PP407, BK902)

Caress (light blue, glitter silver, light green, orange, frosted green, frosted blue star, neon pink and 24k frosted green)




Nail art pen

Sally Hansen and Orly


These items can be bought at watsons, 168 mall and sm dept. stores.

Rock Princess Nail Art

Another nail art which was made long time ago. I used pink for the tip and black for the fading dots.

Hope you like it!

Water Marble Nail art

This was my first attempt of marble nail art. I used 2 colors, black and white since I don't know how and to think that this was my first attempt. lol

There you go guys! :)

Yellow Sunshine

After attempting so many times... Here's what I made. Sorry I only have 1 photo because this was made very long time ago.

Hope you will like it. :)

First Nail Art Ever

Woah, so here it is. My first nail art post! *cheers* This was my first nail art done by index salon. This was the time that I started to study how to do a nail art. I was able to get some ideas on how they did it. SO I started browsing youtube and take notes of their techniques and strategies. Later on you'll see some of my creations.

There you go. Colorful isn't it? :)

Monday, September 13, 2010


Hi guys! So basically I am a newbie here and I really dunno how to start and where to start. First I don't know how to design this thing. LOL! Ahem, a hand will be appreciated. *wink* Shikes, I dont know how to put my banner and if there's a particular length and height. This thing is very frustrating and makes my head aches! Anyway, I know I can learn these stuffs too.

Since I am new and doesn't know much here, please do bare with my page. I'll be posting some pictures as soon as I can find time to do so. Okay? ;p

That's it "Welcome ehmjay here in world!"

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