Saturday, September 29, 2012

Enrolled at HD Academy

Hi everyone!

Oh yeah! You see it right ladies. I'm taking my make-up journey to the next level. I'll start on October 15, every Monday to Thursday for 2 weeks. I'll be posting some updates soon I started my class! *wink*

Photoshoot: Vaness del Moral

Hi everyone!

Dream Movers Agency in collaboration of Team DC had a photoshoot at DC fashion studio last September 24, 2012. And guess what? I was one of the make-up artist! I got the chance to do Vaness del Moral's, one of the starstruck avengers, make-up. It was a breeze working with her because she's so nice and very down to earth. Literally down to earth because all she did was roll on the floor while doing the shoot.

Here are the pictures during the shoot:

                                                                 Preparing for the shoot. :)

                     With Jovit Sanguyo, Vaness del moral and Don Cristobal. (whats with the eyebags!)

Here's one of the finished picture *wink*
Photographer: Charvin Torne
Hairstylist: Jovit Sanguyo 

Products I used:

NOTE: Vaness adviced me not to use any MAC products on her because it's too strong that it gives her pimples.

- kryolan concealer
- kryolan foundation
- FS in organza
- FS in rajah (for contouring)
- NYX box of smokey look collection (I used the blush palettes for the cheeks)
- Rice Powder in Natural

- NYX box of smokey look collection
- Nichido KOHL pencil in onyx
- Maybelline gel liner
- IN2IT brow powder
- Etude House brow mascara in #2
- Eyelash Diva for the eyelashes

- Sophie in Red Pepper
- Victoria's Secret lipgloss

What do you think of her looks? :)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hair and Make-up Services by Ehmjay Bornales

Here's my new calling card layout! Yehey! What do you think?? Any suggestions?

Credits to: (from left to right)

Model: Princess Jugueta
Photographer: Thirdee Balleras

Model: Vaness del Moral (starstruck avenger)
Photographer: Charvin Torne

Model: Heather de Leon
Photographer: Ralph Gulapa

Model: Princess San Pedro
Photographer: Charvin Torne

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Review: MAC Studio Finish Concealer and MAC Lipstick in Russian Red

Hi everyone!

Last time (can't remember exactly the date), MAC Eastwood invited me to be their guest make-up artist. As a token, MAC gave me 2,000php worth of make-up products. They let me choose what I want and ended up getting the MAC studio finish concealer and MAC lipstick in Russian red (so lucky they have it on stock that time!).

So let's get it started! ;p

Concealer is no doubt one of the best "secret" of a woman. (girls aminin nyo yan!). All you just need is to put it on your imperfection and voila, you're all set!  I've been looking for a good concealer since I have a bagful of eyebags. haha! Until my friend, Andrew Jardenil (one of the finalist of MEGA fashion crew 2012), introduced this awesome concealer to me. I fell in love with the product and told to myself, "you'll soon be mine". *evil laugh*

And wish was granted, this baby is all mine now!

 I chose NC30, since I think it's the safest color to use for my clients especially for my models cause they're normally fair skin.

Patted a small amount over my mole. Can you see the mole?? :) It's hardly noticeable! How lovely it is!

What I like about this product:

- very portable, it's as big as MAC eyeshadow cases. It won't take too much space in your kikay kit.
- lightweight yet will give you full coverage!
- waterproof
- blends well
- with SPF 35!
- it covers imperfections perfectly.
- didn't give me breakouts

What I don't like about this product:

- unhygienic. I find pot-typed products very unhygienic. Need to use a brush especially if you have long nails, the cream might stick inside your nails.
-  pricey. But it's worth paying  for!

Will you recommend this?

YES! :)

Let's move on to the next product.

The MAC Matte Lipstick in Russian Red! :)

I heard a lot of good reviews about this lipstick. When I was the guest make-up artist, this color was currently out of stock. And I tell you, a lot of customers been looking for this! So it made me curious and wonder what's with this color and these girls go gaga?

FACT: Russian red is MAC's number 1 selling lipstick in 8 countries! This was described as "the perfect red lip"- not too cool, not too warm and not too deep in fact, it's incredibly rich! It's matte, which I uber love because I'm not a fan of glossy lipsticks,.

Will you recommend this product?


And I'll be leaving you a picture where I used these products.

Products I used:

- MAC studio finish concealer in NC30
- Kryolan foundation
- Fanny Serrano in Organza
- Rice Powder in Natural

- Dollface Eye Candy Palette
- Maybelline gel liner
- NYX box of smokey look collection
- Nichido KOHL pencil in onyx
- Eyelash Diva for the eyelashes
- IN2IT brow powder
- Etude House brow mascara in #2

- Dollface 6 pc contour and blush palette

- MAC lipstick in Russian red


Model- Roan Ycasas Leishner
Photographer- Glen Magtibay

What concealer are you using?

Monday, September 24, 2012

FANTASIA MANILA || Openshoot for Photographers

Hi everyone!

Geez, Sunday was a busy day for me because of the openshoot for photographers that we had. Wew! But then, it's okay because I had fun. Here's a few sneak peak of the said shoot. 

The F A N T A S I A - Manila Team, Morning and Afternoon Session. 
Tinkerbell | Jennevie Luna | Andrew Jardenil
Princess Merida | Michelle Martha Braun | Darvin Macabales
Princess Jasmin | Roan Ycasas | Ehmjay Bornales
Mula | China Yoo | Jovit Sanguyo
Unicorn Princess | Marriane Suayan | Andrew Jardenil
Flower Queen | Sasha Perez | Darvin Macabales 
Queen Cleopatra | Bence Bianzon | Red Castro
Hindu Princess | Jill Nunez | Oliver Bumatay 

Creative Staff:
Don Cristobal
Edward Byron Yap
Cecill Rivera
Nestor Nazareno
Letlet Suayan

Facilitators :
Charvin Torne
Mj Suayan
Nathan Lubian
Jake Radaza

Official VA's
John Leslie Forcado
Willis Hernandez
Kayle Ann Lucero

And here are some of the shots that were taken from the said shoot. Featuring, MJ SUAYAN'S PHOTOGRAPHY.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Featured Photographer: Charvin Torne

Atleast once or twice a month, I will show you some of my random works from various photographers with various models. If you want to see my complete works, simply click and like this Epitome of Color and Style Page.

My featured photographer for this week will be Charvin Torne of DC Fashion Studio with models Heather de Leon and Jennevie Luna.

Photographer: Charvin Torne
Models: Heather de Leon and Jennevie Luna
Designer: Don Cristobal
Hair and Make-up: Ehmjay Bornales
Location: DC Fashion Studio

Of course, will I let them win over me? LMFAO

What do you think?? :)

Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream Review

BB creams were in demand now a days. I admit that I'm one of those girls who went gaga over these creams. Seriously, who can't resist a facial product which offers all the things that you've been looking for?

As per Wikipedia:

BB cream is promoted as an all-in-one facial cosmetic product to replace serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation, and sunblock. It can be worn alone as a tinted moisturizer, over serum and moisturizer as a regular foundation, and under powder, depending on the desired amount of coverage.

See? Isn't it very interesting?

A lot of brands came up with this kind of cream so it's very hard to find a good one that will keep what they have promised.I've been searching and searching all over the net for a good BB cream. (I don't want to compromise my skin though. LOL) Until I found out about Skin79 BB cream products.

Skin79 is a well-known brand for its wide range of original BB cream products. Good thing I have a friend in California, he purchased it and our boss brought it for me when he came here.

And here it is! My Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream!! YAY!! :)

Why did I choose hot pink BB cream over the other creams that they have?
- comes in color pink container (duh. LOL. very girly)
- for normal skins
- it has SPF
- whitening formula which I like!
- it controls sebum
- it improves the appearance of wrinkles
  (A lil information, my skin is prone to wrinkles. That's why I love products that can diminish the appearance of my premature wrinkles.) 

Let's see what it looks like... ;)

It has a pale grayish undertone. But it's okay, I know it will blend well.

I told you it will blend well. :) Look, it somehow hid my veins. Now, that's very impressing!

What I  like about this product are:

- it has a mild scent which I like so much
- a small amount will work perfectly fine to cover the entire face
- it comes in a pumping bottle which I find very hygienic and can control the amount I want to use
- blends perfectly even though it has a greyish undertone
- it didn't give my face any allergic reactions (yay! for that.)
- it has a whitening and wrinkle improvement properties.
- lightweight
- can be used when you're in a hurry since you doesn't need a lot of products to prep your face, one product will do the work.


- has one shade only
- not ready/available locally, you can find one but it's pre-order

Will I recommend this product?
Definitely a yes! :)

Do you use BB creams too? What BB cream products you already tried? Feel free to share!

Hugs <3 Ehmjay

Sunday, September 16, 2012


 Hi everyone! Obviously I've been busy again for this week. (nothing's new eh?) LOL. My 2-day first openshoot for models was successful and I would like to thank all the people who participated on the said event, "Meet the Bride". It was so tiring yet so fun! :)

Anyway, let's get start! I'll be featuring Eyelash Diva again, but this time I'll be showing two of their "Flying Colors" series. 

                      TA-DAH!! :) Eyelash Diva's Flying Colors! These lashes are genuine, fashionable, colorful, intricately handmade and very soft and lightweight "feather" made lashes. I chose these to my "Black et Couleurs" Openshoot for Photographers, because my concept is to create an avant-garde look but I don't want to exaggerate it, I still want to make it simple and glamorous.

                                                First was the Purple Black 01 Double Wave Full Lashes. 

                             I decided to use this lashes because it gives a playful but still glamorous look which is right for the concept I created that time. 

Model: Heather de Leon
Photographer: Allan Manalac

Second, was the re-JOYCE me lashes. I love it so much! :) I chose this to create a dramatic look yet still gives avant-gardeish look. 

Model: Katherine dela Paz of 24K girls
Photographer: Allan Manalac

I know everyone is asking: "Is is heavy?" LOL!

Model: :)
Photographer: Kayle Ann Lucero

You can see it right, that's me! LOL. I tried it and yes, some were heavy and some were not. It depends with the style of the lashes that you're going to choose. These lashes are best when doing avant-garde or out of this world concepts.

Have you tried any lashes like these before? :)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Charm PRO 21-pc. Professional Makeup Brush Set

Yihee, I'll be posting my second blog for this month! Hopefully it'll be consistent. ;p It's 6:24am here and this will be just a quick post since I have my gig in an hour. (I'll be in a hurry again... lol)

Anyway, I'll be showing you my new set of brushes. It's Charm PRO 21-pc. Professional Make-up Brush Set. This was gifted to me by one of my good friend as gift for my bday. You know who you are, thank you so much for the gift!! :)

Yihee!! :) BRUSHES!!!

                               You can buy this through online too! Just like Charm Makeup Brushes' facebook.

                                  You'll get this for Php 3,450 free shipping! Now, how wonderful is that?
                 You can visit  any Pure Beauty stores (I guess they do all have Charm Brushes) to get this.

The logo. :)

These brushes were made of using animal and synthetic hair. (unfortunately, as much as I wanted to show you each brushes that are included in this set, I cannot because I'm using my phone as my camera, so some photos were blurred.) 

The Charm PRO Makeup Brush Set includes :

1. Dual Fibre Brush
2. Large Powder Brush 
3. Small Powder/Blush Brush
4. Foundation Brush
5. Angled Contour Brush
6. Concealer Brush
7. Wet/Dry Eyeshadow Brush
8. Eye Shader Brush
9. Tapered Blending Brush
10. Angled Shading Brush
11. Pencil Point Brush
12. Precise Crease Blending Brush
13. Flat Liner Brush
14. Precise Concealer Brush
15. Angled Liner/Brow Brush
16. Bent Liner Brush
17. Eyebrow Defining Brush
18. Mini Fan Brush
19. Brow Spoolie/Lash Brush
20. Fan Brush
21. Retractable Lip Brush

The brushes were nice and soft. One thing I don't like about it is, the large powder brush shreds a lot. Makes me worry it's gonna lost all of it's hair. LOL Talking about being bald eh? ;p But yeah, all in all this set satisfies me. :)

Will I recommend this? Of course yes! :)
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