Thursday, September 6, 2012

Featuring: Eyelash Diva Black Beauty Series and Beauty Instincts' Products

          Hooray!!! I'm back in the track! After so many months of being M.I.A., Ehmjay is back in blogging. (party poppers popping...people clapping) ;p

           I've been busy with my work, my personal life and my make-up gigs, so please please please forgive me. But don't worry, I won't explain or try to excuse myself too much why I disappeared because I know you don't care. (being so melodramatic *giggle*) Nah, just kidding. LOL. So yeah, let's start this post and have fun. :)

             Last June 4, 2012, Miss Jewil Viv of Eyelash Diva and Beauty Instincts invited me to be one of her Monarch HMUA's. I've been featuring Eyelash Diva since I started my career as a freelance make-up artist. Eyelash Diva is a brand exclusive under Beauty Instincts Cosmetics. They have a wide range of glamorous  "couture" faux eyelashes. From natural black eyelashes to wild feathered colored eyelashes. You name it, Eyelash Diva got it. *wink* 


              May 11, 1989, my birthday, Eyelash Diva surprised me with two of her wonderful best seller Black Series collection and some goodies. Thank you so much Miss Jewil!
                                                 Wanna see what's inside?! :) Ta-dah!!

Tied together with a cute pink ribbon. Aw, so girly. :)

                                       (sorry, its blurred. I took this picture using my camera phone only)
                    Yahoo! The two best seller false eyelashes. Look how cute and glamorous the packaging is. 
                                                These are two of her newest style of eyelashes. 


                   DROOOL. Adorable lashes! If you want to get that glamorous cat eye look, these lashes are the bomb!  (Actually, this is one of my favorite lashes from eyelash diva) Look closely... They're using clear nylons (I believe, that's what it calls like) to hold the lashes. Now, isn't it fab?! :)

                                           Look how sexy these lashes will create in your eyes. :)
                                                        Photographer: Jaydee of HBK
                                                      Model: Nizza Yoshida of Playgirls

So fancy and fab! This goes perfectly if you want to get a bolder cat eye look.  
           How fierce yet so innocent look. 
            Photography: Jeffrey Balmedina
               Model: Krystel (Heather) de Leon

                 FYI: These are handmade eyelashes. It's a delicate work of art weaved by love and passion. For only Php 999, you will get 10 pairs of these fabulous eyelashes! :)

                 As I mentioned a while ago, she also included some goodies! I was so excited to check the paper bag that time because I know that aside from lashes, she also sent few products from Beauty Instincts. Miss Jewil is so sweet! :)

Jenova Triple Pinky & Moist Gel- Php 880
Get an instant flush of rosy- pink cheeks and a lovely kissable pinkish lips.

I received a sample of Jenova from Sir Don Cristobal when I joined one of his openshoot as his HMUA. From there, I never stopped loving this product. Maybe Miss Jewil remembered that I inquired about the price of this product that's why she decided to give it to me. LOL. 

                                           Jenova's moist gel and triple pinky lip and cheek tint.

                   What I love about this product is that, it has more natural effect, doesn't stain,  non-sticky,  easy & smooth to apply. It doesn't irritate my skin rather makes it soft, smooth & rosier. Gosh, my item on the go! :) (excuse my pimple. haha!)

                               Will you recommend this? YES! :)

                                                                    Benefit ERASE Paste

               This Benefit's corrector paste really do its job! One of the concealers I love the most. It really brightens and conceal my eyebags! (Yeah, I have huge eyebags. Duh, I work at night. *sob*) It also comes with a tiny cute spatula. Love it! 

                   Will you recommend this? YES, specially to those who wants to hide their imperfections. :)

             I want to thank Miss Jewil Viv of Beauty Instincts for trusting me! No words can describe how         
                         thankful I am to be part of your team. More blessings to come. :)


  1. Wow! I really like the lashes with the clear nylon bands! :) And the charm brushes! OMG! I have been saving up for those since forever... :P

    Dainty MD
    Please visit my blog!

  2. Thank for following Dainty MD! :) yeah, these brushes are awesome! :)


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