Saturday, April 30, 2011

Green and Blue Make Up

One of my frustrations in life is to make a wonderful High Definition make up for photoshoots.
Like those avant garde look with out of this world eyelashes. Well, me and my cousin are planning to have a photoshoot with an avant garde look. Im excited to see myself with that look.

This is not an avant garde look (I guess) but somehow more colorful shades for your eyes. Playing with colors eh? ;p

Promise next time I'll make a full make up look. ;p

Pink Smokey and Epic Fail One

Here's my version of pink smokey eyes.

This is my epic fail gold and pink eyeshadow. LOL

Friday, April 29, 2011

First Make Up Haul

This week is full of blessings! Look what my BF bought for me!!! A "LOT" of make ups.

Last Tuesday me and my boyfriend went to TGIF Glorietta to meet Miss Abby's (Dollface's dealer) brother to pick up my orders.

Ta-da! I am so excited to see my new babies.

To my excitement, I accidentally dropped the bag.

OMG, look what happened?! So clumsy me. (sighs)

Lesson learned? Wait until you gets home before opening it.

(Contour palette, Lip Color palette, Eye Candy Palette and Concealer Palette)
Then, the next morning my orders from Ms. Pearl of Dollface as well arrived. Yay! :D

Then after that, my Class A Mac Brushes from Tasha arrived.

Oh well, for a newbie like me these set is ok. Though "some" of it sheds and bleeds. That's why I'm planning to buy Suesh brushes. Because I heard a lot of positive reviews. What do you think? :))

Enjoy your weekend!


Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Pending" Photoshoot

Maybe you're wondering why I gave it a "pending" title. Well, literally, the title of this album is really still pending. All in all I already have 5 shots but I was not able to get the other 3 shots because Im here in the office and again, we don't have facebook access.

Last Sunday, my cousin and I went to U.P. Diliman to have a photoshoot with our two photographer friends. They're two of the photographers that we love! We both have three sets. We're still waiting for the other pictures.

HMUA: A.L. Dee (my cousin)
Photographer: Aybane de Senna
Model: Yours truly *wink*

Look at that! I really gained weight! OMG. Oh well, that's why Im starting to eat less. I really don't want to see my self gaining "bilbil" (extra fats in tummy).

HMUA: A.L. Dee
Photographer: James Retirado
Model: Yours truly

I actually doesn't have sleep that time, I'm straight from my work. It's very tiring but I enjoyed it a lot! Isn't they did a great job?! I'll be updating this album for more pictures from our other friend, James Retirado, Aybanne's mentor that day. :))

I am still thinking what title should I use for my new updated blog. Hopefully I can find time to fix my blog and change everything here. I am so excited!

I stil can't post my new products because I am still waiting for my brushes. However, I already got my palettes and Im already playing with it. *evil laugh*

-- Ehmjay (also, thinking what signature i can use)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Purple Smokey Eyes

I'm so bored that's why I decided to play with my colors. LOL.

These are the colors I used. This is Ever Bilena palette. My first ever palette. :)

Sorry, this is just a quick post so I wont explain this. Please bare with my tutorial. It's my first time and I dont know how I will I start. ;p

-- Ehmjay

Hello Kitty Decals

This is my Hello Kitty nail art. I used water decals and I love what it looks like!

-- Ehmjay

EB Advance Mascara Duo with Silicon Brush

Normally I dont wear mascaras because I dont like it when it gives me clumped effect. But when I gave this product a try, well it gives me satisfaction everytime i use it! :)

EB Advance Mascara Duo with Silicon Brush contains base and coating mascara that is suitable for everyday use. It is enriched with Vitamin E that helps in maintaining moisture.

Look what it looks like when applied?
No more clumped effect. ;p

I give it 5/5. I super like this and will definitely buy! :)


Sunday, April 24, 2011

A busy week for Ehmjay

Hi! So how's your Easter? Well mine was quite good. I am too busy these past few days. Especially yesterday. (darn) I left office early because me and my cousin has a photoshoot, then after that we went to Trinoma to "hoard" make ups for my up coming career! lol. I'll show my haul this week, after I complete my sets. Okay? :) Then after that, me, Alma and my boyfriend attended service at CCF. What i tiring day huh? But it's okay, later will be my off! yey! :D

After I complete my make up sets and pay my bills, I'm planning to buy new camera. I need a higher resolution in showcasing my crafts. And now, I'm torn between these two cute cameras. Can you please help me to choose?

What do I need:

Inexpensive but good resolution.
Color pink (too girly eh?)
Can give me good micro shots.

And Sony is the only one that I trust when it comes to micro shots. (exclude those fancy dslr, I don't have enough budget as of now for that. But I dream of having one.) LOL


Sony DSC-W350

It's hard for me to choose. grrr. But anyway, if you have any idea, share it with me okay?

Oh well, I am planning to have a 100-follower giveaway. I'm just waiting for it to reach until 100. For now, I already have 81 followers. WEW! not bad at all. ;p

I'm also planning to change my name, since I won't focus anymore in nail arts. Hmm, I can maybe include that one for my upcoming contest. :) (hopefully)

Oh well, my 15-minutes break is over. Wait for my this week post okay? :) I'll be posting a lot of make ups. If it's really a lot. LOL

Thanks for viewing!

-- VaiNails

Saturday, April 16, 2011

New career for a newbie

Happy Palm Sunday!

I'm actually enhancing my skill in doing make ups, and my first mission is to make these girls prettier. Sorry but I don't have the before pics but don't worry next time I won't forget it. *wink

My friends will be having a Seniors ball thats why they contacted me to do their looks. And I'm so flattered because they trusted me. LOL

This is what I did with their looks.

Hope you like it!

--- Emjay

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wanna Share Something

This song was made by Adonis V. Tabanda. (my boyfriend) He composed, arranged and sung it. He told me that this is dedicated to me. What can I say? I am so flattered and touched by this song. Im so HAPPY! :)

Thanks Baby for taking care of me and making me so happy!! :) I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART :)


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Just want to post something

Sine I cant do nail arts because my nails are effin' short here's a post of my hair. LOL.

This look was 2 weeks ago I guess? It's Sunday night shift and have nothing to do. So I picked up my Team Captain's curling iron and started twisting some strands of my hair. Until I decided to curl it all. Here what it looks like.

LOL. Just making funny faces! ;p

This is actually a stolen shot! ;p

Sorry for my o-vainy pictures! :))

--- VaiNails
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