Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Pending" Photoshoot

Maybe you're wondering why I gave it a "pending" title. Well, literally, the title of this album is really still pending. All in all I already have 5 shots but I was not able to get the other 3 shots because Im here in the office and again, we don't have facebook access.

Last Sunday, my cousin and I went to U.P. Diliman to have a photoshoot with our two photographer friends. They're two of the photographers that we love! We both have three sets. We're still waiting for the other pictures.

HMUA: A.L. Dee (my cousin)
Photographer: Aybane de Senna
Model: Yours truly *wink*

Look at that! I really gained weight! OMG. Oh well, that's why Im starting to eat less. I really don't want to see my self gaining "bilbil" (extra fats in tummy).

HMUA: A.L. Dee
Photographer: James Retirado
Model: Yours truly

I actually doesn't have sleep that time, I'm straight from my work. It's very tiring but I enjoyed it a lot! Isn't they did a great job?! I'll be updating this album for more pictures from our other friend, James Retirado, Aybanne's mentor that day. :))

I am still thinking what title should I use for my new updated blog. Hopefully I can find time to fix my blog and change everything here. I am so excited!

I stil can't post my new products because I am still waiting for my brushes. However, I already got my palettes and Im already playing with it. *evil laugh*

-- Ehmjay (also, thinking what signature i can use)

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