Sunday, April 24, 2011

A busy week for Ehmjay

Hi! So how's your Easter? Well mine was quite good. I am too busy these past few days. Especially yesterday. (darn) I left office early because me and my cousin has a photoshoot, then after that we went to Trinoma to "hoard" make ups for my up coming career! lol. I'll show my haul this week, after I complete my sets. Okay? :) Then after that, me, Alma and my boyfriend attended service at CCF. What i tiring day huh? But it's okay, later will be my off! yey! :D

After I complete my make up sets and pay my bills, I'm planning to buy new camera. I need a higher resolution in showcasing my crafts. And now, I'm torn between these two cute cameras. Can you please help me to choose?

What do I need:

Inexpensive but good resolution.
Color pink (too girly eh?)
Can give me good micro shots.

And Sony is the only one that I trust when it comes to micro shots. (exclude those fancy dslr, I don't have enough budget as of now for that. But I dream of having one.) LOL


Sony DSC-W350

It's hard for me to choose. grrr. But anyway, if you have any idea, share it with me okay?

Oh well, I am planning to have a 100-follower giveaway. I'm just waiting for it to reach until 100. For now, I already have 81 followers. WEW! not bad at all. ;p

I'm also planning to change my name, since I won't focus anymore in nail arts. Hmm, I can maybe include that one for my upcoming contest. :) (hopefully)

Oh well, my 15-minutes break is over. Wait for my this week post okay? :) I'll be posting a lot of make ups. If it's really a lot. LOL

Thanks for viewing!

-- VaiNails


  1. oh that's so funny because i had a pink sony cybershot (can't remember the model but i got it a few years ago, it looked like the light pink model you have posted but it was 7.1 pixels) anyways, it just broke the other day so i am also on the hunt for a new camera! i'm planning to stick with sony because i LOVED how my last camera took pics of my nail art so now i'm just trying to find the right one. (I also want it to be pink, lol) i'm gonna go check those 2 out cause i really need a new camera asap! : )

  2. btw, i was just looking at the cameras some more & i'd probably go with the lighter pink model (dsc-w350) because it has a carl zeiss lens which people say is really good & that is what my last sony had & i loved it!


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