Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Short Nails! *sob*

Look what happened to my nails! :'( It accidentally chipped... and that really hurts.

that brown thingy is not blood, its betadine (medicine). LOL

Now, this is how it looks like before it broke. :(

Oh well, goodbye nail art for a while. I need to make 'em grow again. :(

-- VaiNails

Friday, March 25, 2011

Photoshoot + Nail Arts = Busy weeks

Just a quick post of my manis these past few weeks.

I am so busy working on some things. But then, I can still manage to work on my nails. That's how I love nail art is!! ;p

This nail art was inspired by LOVE4NAILS creation.

My two water decals nail art. :)

I'm also planning to work on some local product reviews and some make up tutorials. So better wait for that. LOL. Oh, here are some pics that made me busy these past few days. ;p

A photoshoot. hhe

"Graffiti" by Genesis Gideon Gonzales
HMUA: A.L. Dee (my cousin)
Location: Intramuros, Manila

Friday, March 4, 2011

Cherry Loves Nail Art

Wanna show you my latest design. So yesterday was the start of my rest day. I cleared my schedules (no going to bars, mall, friend's house, etc.) so I can have my extra time for myself and my family. I missed being with them during my free time though its boring for some times. And to kill my boredom, I started painting my nails. Though I don't like the taste of cherries, I love what it looks like. LOL.

Hope you like it!


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Girl Power Nail Art + New Haul

This week has been very hard for me. But then, I know I can over come these problems. I'm still looking at the brighter side and keeping the good vibes coming! ;p

So this is my Girl Power Nail Art. This is for women who are strong enough to face new challenges everyday with a smile and with confidence.

aren't they so girly and funky?? I'm so lovin' it. :)

Those pointed polishes are crayon nail art polishes! I'll post a review once I find time.
I bought these items at Watsons Eastwood.

These are from Elsa (one of the FUNKZ in facebook). More to come tomorrow ;p

And, these are from Phoebe's Merchandise. Some decals and 2 nail art polishes.

Wooh, another haul for my collection! :P

Hope you like it.


Summer Nail Art

Wew! Rainy season is over and hello SUN! :)

I wanna share to you my Summer nail art. This design wass supposedly an entry to Phoebe's nail art contest. But since I dont have time to re-create another one, I decided not to join anymore.

I love the coconut tree's shadow! :D I missed going to beach. :/

Hope you like it!


Candy Nails

Sorry if I was not able to update my blog that much. I was too busy. LOL! But anyway I'll be posting a lot of my works today. The first one will be my candy nails.

Aren't they yummy? I wanna eat 'em lol! :D

I really love pastel colors. hhe.

Hope you love 'em!

-- ehmjay
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