Friday, March 25, 2011

Photoshoot + Nail Arts = Busy weeks

Just a quick post of my manis these past few weeks.

I am so busy working on some things. But then, I can still manage to work on my nails. That's how I love nail art is!! ;p

This nail art was inspired by LOVE4NAILS creation.

My two water decals nail art. :)

I'm also planning to work on some local product reviews and some make up tutorials. So better wait for that. LOL. Oh, here are some pics that made me busy these past few days. ;p

A photoshoot. hhe

"Graffiti" by Genesis Gideon Gonzales
HMUA: A.L. Dee (my cousin)
Location: Intramuros, Manila


  1. All your manis are amazing, but I love the first one...!!!

  2. wah, your manis! theyre so cute!~~


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