Saturday, December 3, 2011

Trinah and Ehmjay

Photographer: Bimz Brazil
HMUA: Ehmjay Bornales
Models: Ehmjay and Trinah

Client: Audrey

Photographer: Kenneth Sevilla
HMUA: Ehmjay Bornales
Model: Audrey

Broken Dolls (Halloween Tribute)

Photographers: Kenneth Sevilla, Aybanne De Sena and James Retirado
HMUA: Ehmjay Bornales
Models: Marzsha, Gizela and Danise

Client: Jeanine

Photographer: Nico Yabut
HMUA: Ehmjay Bornales
Model: Jeanine

Sunday, October 9, 2011

"Black Be-widow"

Inspired look by Misschievous! :) I love her, swear! :)

Next PEG: "Broken Dolls"

Me and my photographer friends are planning to have a Halloween conceptualized shoot.

I'm planning to make it girly yet creepy. So I came up with this look. We'll be having 2 models for this one. :) Watch out for the outcome!


Model: Ann Miranda

HMUA: Ehmjay B.

Photographer: Aybanne de Senna

Model: Ann Miranda

HMUA: Ehmjay B.

Photographer: Kenneth Sevilla


Model: Klyne Bernardez

HMUA: Ehmjay B.

Photographer: Aybanne de Senna

Model: Klyne Bernardez

HMUA: Ehmjay B.

Photographer: Kenneth Sevilla

BTS: Ann and Klyne Shoot


This shoot was so fun! hhe. I had a great time with my friends!

Doing an "angry bird" look to beb Klyne!
Fixing ann's foundation.

Kulitan moments with beb Klyne!

My gwapong friends photographers!

With my girlfriends!

Ehmjay B. | Hair and Makeup Artist Shoot

Ola! So these are my new sets of pictures.

Model: Ehmjay Bornales

Photographer: Kenneth Sevilla and Aybanne De Sena

HMUA/Stylist: Ehmjay B.

Welcome Back to Me!

Woah! It's been a while since I logged on. I miss everything in my site! I miss doing a lot of blogs!

Well, I've been so busy seriously. Isn't it obvious!? LOL. But yeah, I'm here again to show you some pictures while I'm out and doing some business. :)

Ready? Ok, let's get it on girls! :)

Smooches! <3

Monday, August 1, 2011

NAOTW: Colorful Leopard

My nail art of the week! :) I can't find my camera and to my excitement I just decided to use my camera phone. :)
Sorry if it's blurred though!
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