Friday, April 29, 2011

First Make Up Haul

This week is full of blessings! Look what my BF bought for me!!! A "LOT" of make ups.

Last Tuesday me and my boyfriend went to TGIF Glorietta to meet Miss Abby's (Dollface's dealer) brother to pick up my orders.

Ta-da! I am so excited to see my new babies.

To my excitement, I accidentally dropped the bag.

OMG, look what happened?! So clumsy me. (sighs)

Lesson learned? Wait until you gets home before opening it.

(Contour palette, Lip Color palette, Eye Candy Palette and Concealer Palette)
Then, the next morning my orders from Ms. Pearl of Dollface as well arrived. Yay! :D

Then after that, my Class A Mac Brushes from Tasha arrived.

Oh well, for a newbie like me these set is ok. Though "some" of it sheds and bleeds. That's why I'm planning to buy Suesh brushes. Because I heard a lot of positive reviews. What do you think? :))

Enjoy your weekend!



  1. Hi Ehmjay! I got the 28-pc pro brushes from Suesh and YES those babies works great! It's the best thing you can ever have for gigs. I'm drooling over your makeup haul by the way. Enjoy! ^_^

  2. Girl, ask ko lang kung ok naman yun 66 Lipcolor Palette mo?


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