Monday, October 29, 2012

HD Academy: Day 1-Day 7

Hey everyone!

I was MIA these past few days because I took makeup class at HD academy. The class schedule was mon-thurs for 2 weeks, from 11am to 3pm. I tried to update my blog during those days, but I'm always tired right after the class. lol. Forgive me again. :)

I chose HD not only because they're cheaper than the other well-known makeup schools but also because of the positive feedbacks I read about them; Askmewhats, Shen's Addiction, Animetric, The Beauty Addict.

What I love about HD:

- they're hands-on ( they will teach you the step by step procedure and will guide you all through out)
- the staffs are very friendly
- they provide models

It's worth paying for, no regrets at all! Very professional teachers (Jeave Gabiana and Stef Sing) yet they make sure that we're still having fun while learning. I will surely miss HD and my batchmates! :) I'm planning to take their airbrush class next year! yey!

I'll show you some pictures taken during our class. Warning: There will be a lot of pictures!! :))

Day1: No make-up look (sorry I wasn't able to upload the before picture)

Day2: Simple make-up look (proper contouringn and conceiling)

Day3: Men's and older women's makeup look (they discussed what are the do's and dont's in doing the older women's makeup)

(Honestly, this was the very challenging part. I hate doing older women's makeup because I find it very complicated.. but congratulations to me! I did it! :O Sir Jeave intentionally gave her to me. ;p)

Day4: One Tone Smokey Eyes makeup look for B&W photography

Day5: 3-tone Smokey Eyes makeup look ( We were taught as well on how to create cat's eye. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take a picture.)

Day6: Avant Garde

(the look was inspired by Misschievous)

Day7: Wedding makeup look

I'll post my graduation day on my next blog! :)


  1. Every makeup look is great! You did an awesome job sis! I particularly like how you did the brows. I hope you make a tutorial on how you fill in the brows and what products you use. :)


  2. @Iya Boto Thank you sis! I'm planning too and currently working on my vid tutorials. medyo busy pa kasi kaya hindi ko maedit edit. :)


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