Friday, October 5, 2012


Hey everyone!

My featured photographer of the week is Thirdee Balleras. He's one of the best photographers I know in FB world. I love his works and ideas and the way he express his creativity!

"It is only me and my camera who dwells in my photographs with love as my arts and recreation. I am mentally photographing people to build my bond between me, my camera and the people I photographed. I just don't take pictures but I produced it with simplicity and beauty by capturing their emotions and spirit for an exquisite outcome." - Thirdee Balleras

Visit his FB account here.

Are you ready to see his works?

 Model: Cristine Balaguer
HMUA: Ehmjay Bornales

 Model: Nicole Dimalanta (his niece)
HMUA: Ehmjay Bornales
 Model: Princess San Pedro
HMUA: Ehmjay Bornales
 Model: Luke Pradia
HMUA: Ehmjay Bornales
Model: Charles Franco
 Eyelashes by Eyelash Diva
HMUA: Ehmjay Bornales

Model: Heather de Leon
HMUA: Ehmjay Bornales
Model: Princess Jugueta
HMUA: Ehmjay Bornales

And of course, he's one of the man behind my oh so fab pictures! :)
HMUA: Ehmjay Bornales

What do you think? :)

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