Monday, May 2, 2011

Make Up Haul + FOTD

Alas! It's my rest day. Whoa. Last week was so effin' tiring week and I really really hate it. But anyway, moving forward, I went to megamall to hoard some make up. And these is what I got.

+elf waterproof eyeliner pen+

I first saw this from my cousin. Looking at her using it, I found the product so easy to use. But unfortunately, I was not satisfied with this. If you can see, when I tried it on my skin, it looks okay but when I tried it on my lid... well, it's not barely visible. But anyhow, I still suggest this to those who wants pencil like effect eyeliner because you don't need to sharpen this every now and then. Just a couple of wipes and you're ready to go.

Then next is Nichido's Professional Kabuki Brush. I was quite disappointed with this brush because before I bought it, the sales lady told me that this is really a great brush that it won't even deformed. But hey, take a look at it when I took it out of the box.... darn!

Moving on, I still like this brush because it's super soft. (as in soft) This Kabuki brush was made of nylon. It's easy to use and very handy. The bristles don't shed and bleed. So all in all, I give this 4.5/5 :)

Nichido eyeliners. Definitely good. :) Sorry I can't say anything about this product, but basically it works for me. :)

I am not sure if this is nichido's new product, because this is the first time I saw it.

I like the packaging so much. The gold cover makes it look very sophisticated. I will definitely recommend this product!

For my FOTD: I used NICHIDO Stardust Eyeshadow palette.

Finally, a full make up look. :)
Sorry for my saggy eyes, I am more than 24 hours awake! ;p

Camwhoring time!! :)


  1. I don't usually wear make up but I love applying make up to other people. weird right. I 'm new here and I'm looking forward to know more about fashion and make up from you. cheers..

    You did a fabulous job on your eye make up. :)

  2. we're actually quite the same mayen. :) but unfortunately i need to do this just to showcase my talent. :) I love your blog and thanks for leaving a note. have a nice day :)

  3. Love you FOTD..You look gorgeous..

    Thank you so much for following and commenting on my blog..I follow you back..^_^..

  4. i'll surely purchase the elf liquid eyeliner. :)

    followed your blog :)

  5. i love your blog! it's so informative!

  6. You look like a barbieee! :)
    I wish I could learn how to aply mae-up. At least the basic! Haha. All I know is you just slap foundation and blush... then.. taduuuh! Lol. I can't even shadow my eyes right. Or line them with eyeliner :( Huhu.

    The nichido kabuki brush is so soft!:D I love it <3

  7. Thanks guys for liking my FOTD. :)

    @tinee, lol thanks dear. ;p try watching videos from youtube, for sure you'll gonna learn the art of make up. :)

  8. oh wow, your gorgeous! thanks for following my blog dear. I followed you back.

  9. I bought elf Pen eyeliner but too bad it was dried already when I applied it on my lids. (post here:

    I also have the Nichido Kabuki Brush and it's really good. It's very affordable compare to other brands and as you've said it doesn't shed that much. :)Nice Haul.

    New follower here. Hope you could visit my site and follow it too. :)


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