Thursday, November 25, 2010

Top 10: Reasons Not To Get Married

I got this e-mail from our Soft Skills trainer. I don't know what to think why he send this to us aside from his excuse that this is just an exercise to be read aloud. lol. Anyway, have fun reading :)

Guys for those people who are thinking of tying the knot. better think again!

No.10 - Marriage will make her let herself go

Women gain weight because of child birth, but a recent study from the University of Queensland in Australia confirms that even women that don’t have a kid end up gaining a substantial amount of weight in wedded bliss.

According to the findings, a woman will gain up to 15 pounds if she had a partner but no baby in the first 10 years of marriage. The study goes on to explain that there are metabolic changes over that time so the weight gain can only be attributed to altered behavior. The altered behavior is not putting in the time and effort in their fitness routines and eating habits.

Men are just as guilty for letting themselves evolve into a chubby hubby and this gives women a get-out-of-dieting-free card. She might look good now, but add at least 10 pounds to her frame after the wedding ring slides on the finger.

No.9 - Marriage is the end of options

Variety is the spice of life. Spice is also the name of the stripper dancing on your lap and slipping you her cell number. No more of that Mr. Married. Settling down with one woman eliminates the wide selection of women and the thrill of the chase. No more flings with a coworker, gym pickups, one-night stands, and no more crazy chicks. Crazy chicks make dating so much fun! Plus, watch what happens the minute you get hitched. Not only do a ton of potential bed buddies come crawling out of the woodwork like carpenter ants, but all the women in your life that you could have scored with start admitting a sexual interest, but say: “Too bad you’re getting married.” Yes. Too bad indeed.

No.8 - Marriage is expensive

Facts and figures released each year by the wedding industries prove that weddings are getting out of control when it comes to price. Last year, Americans spent $71 billion dollars on weddings, with each ceremony averaging $28,704. Most marital issues are rooted in problems with money (usually a lack of it), so it's probably not the best idea to kick-start a marriage choking on debt from a wedding cake and a band that ignored all the songs on your “don’t play” list. Sure you’ve got two incomes, but now the questions about how, where and why you spend your money start to creep into the conversation. You have to explain why you spend the money you make like your mom is asking where all your allowance goes. When is marriage the most expensive? When it ends in divorce.

No.7 - Marriage is just paperwork

It’s perfectly acceptable to be in a monogamous relationship with someone you love and care for, but why do you need a piece of paper from the state or church? Marriage certificates are an unnecessary and potentially expensive formality just to share health insurance. If the two of you are happy with the current agreement, why rock the boat? Is it because of family pressures and the constant “when are you getting married?” questions from all the miserable people stuck in a marriage and looking to suck you into their black hole of depression? That’s so sweet of them.

No.6 - Marriage is the end of spontaneity

Married couples love to tell people they are still spontaneous. It’s like when people tell you they don’t take crap or that they are not someone you want to mess with. They are full of crap. Spontaneous people don’t talk about how spontaneous they are because they are too busy going places and living a full life. Married people have a diluted and compromised idea of spontaneity. They have spontaneous ideas that then involve months of planning, calendar juggling and last minute cancellations that become “we will do that soon.” They’d love to hop a flight for a weekend trip to Vegas, but that money would be better spent on the bills or putting money into buying a bigger house. Spontaneity also leads to a ton of compromise. Compromise sucks.

No.5 - Marriage is constant compromise

Life is meant to be lived -- to experience everything before the long dirt nap. Hard to accomplish everything when you spend half the time doing the things she wants to do. Well, you did get to pick the activity last week. You wanted to go to go white water rafting and now she wants to catch a Nicholas Sparks marathon on Lifetime and needs you around to watch her cry and restock her tissue supply. Compromise isn’t just associated with small decisions. You’re going to have to come to an agreement on where you live, where your money goes and a million other choices you make just to make her happy.

No.4 - Marriage is the end of sex

There is still sex -- occasionally. Those occasions are usually holidays, birthdays and every time she feels like you might be considering tipping your donkey in the community pond. It’s as bland as a sugar-free cookie. It’s always in the same location, boring position and ends the same way every time. Want to try something new? Not tonight. Not ever, if we are being honest. Sure, some women will experiment, but it won’t be a long-term move added to the routine. Those early days of screwing longer than a cordless screwdriver are long over.

No.3 - Marriage often fails

Would you risk your life on the flip of a coin? Heads you live, tails you die. You do have a 50-50 chance, but are those really good odds for even giving it a shot? Not as drastic or life threatening, but over 50% of marriages end in divorce. Even people, who are truly in love with each other and the idea of spending the rest of their lives with one person find themselves in divorce. If you fall right in the middle on the idea of marriage (obviously, you have concerns; you’re reading this article), how can you make it work when people who want to get married can’t even stay together?

No.2 - Marriage is the end of taking risks

Life involves risks -- some that work out and some that crack you in the face and knock you back to the beginning. So what do you do? Take a risk and try all over again. This is fine -- so long as you’re the only person who suffers from the setbacks. You can’t take chances when another person’s life, money, health, and future are in your hands. That would be a pretty selfish thing to do. Marriage means you’re keeping the best interests of two people in mind during every decision. Sure, it might keep you from making the leap into some pretty dumb moves, but it might also hold you back from pulling the trigger on an idea that will make your life better forever.

No.1 - Marriage is forever

Think about the person you were a few years ago. Now think back a few years before that, and consider how different it seems from life now. Now ponder the person you will be 10 years from now; you’re likely slightly similar but with many new tastes, feelings, emotions, and at a much different place in life. Is it really possible to think, or want, another human to come along for that crazy ride? No more risks, no more weekend trips to anywhere and all that compromise, money wasted and lack of sex for the rest of your days on earth. Until death do you part. You may now kiss the bride. Hopefully it’s “goodbye.”

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