Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Bare Nails

These are my bare nails. :)

How do I clean my nails:
1. Wash hands in warm water with soap after removing the polish.
2. Using a brush, scratch gently the dirt/stain that was left by the polish. This will make your cuticles soft and it will be easier for you to clean/cut it. But remember, do not cut it too much since it will make it thicker. :)
3. Smooth/trim your nails' tips with file. For the nails' surface use a special file to make it smooth. (pushing harder the nails' surface will eliminate nails natural shine)
4. Use cuticle oils or any nail moisturizers to keep your nails dehydrated.
5. Use lotion all over your hands. :)

TIP: you can use garlic to make nails thicker and stronger.

Basically, my routine changes. It depends on the mood I have and the stuffs I have. ;p

Thanks for viewing! :D

1 comment:

  1. Really pretty can't wait until mine get there.


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