Thursday, December 9, 2010


Oh well, these past 2 days I was not able to get enough sleep again! Anyway, its because of our Christmas Party. But its worth it because I really had fun!

Concentrix White Christmas Party held at Crowne Plaza hotel.

One of our guests is Vice Ganda. OMG, he's the best! I love his funny lines. lol

So here's Vice making fun of our big bosses. ;p

Another guest is SAIA! Adonis, MC Castro (lead singer), Noy (drums), Tuneng and last but not the least, Jeffrey. (Abelaine's tooot)

Yummy. :)

Wanna see my looks? Well, it's just a simple Boho Chic look.

With Joy, my friend.

Sorry guys, I was not able to create a nail art. :( I was too busy. sigh

Thanks for viewing!

---ehmjay VaiNails


  1. you have such a great taste of style, make up and i like the way u put ur headband. Wonder if u ever posted something about make up on here? Well im looking forward to see ur great nail art again :)

  2. ahha! nah. :) im not collecting any make ups so im not sure if i'll be able to create one. :) anyway thanks again for loving it. ahha!!

  3. LOL is it sad that the first thing I zoomed in on was pictures of the food? :P But the event seemed great, and you look awesome too!


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